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741.The Mango in India
Call Number: AG-447.00 (021)
742.Transforming gender and foodsecurity in the global south
Call Number: AG-118.00 (008)
Grist DH
Call Number: AG-441.00 (025)
744.Agricultural Insect Pests of the Tropics
Hill DS
Call Number: AG-433.00 (070)
745.Le Riz Pluvial
Jacquot M, Courtois B
Call Number: AG-441.00 (026)
746.Le Riz Irrigue
Arraudeau M
Call Number: AG-441.00 (027)
749.Agroforestry in Dryland Africa
Rochelieu D, Weber F, Field-Juma A
Call Number: AG-461.00 (009)
750.Fruit Tree Nurseries
Gacahnja SP, Ilg P
Call Number: AG-447.00 (022)
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